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Shallotte to Carolina Beach continued

To listen to the weathermen today, we were risking life and limb if we ventured out of doors.  But it was a short mileage day, and I didn’t hesitate to decide to ride. Our group was Gail and Marilyn B. from CCST13, joined by Kathy Q. from Dallas (her regular riding partners were riding in the van today).  It was raining as we rolled away from the hotel, but we were all dressed for the elements.

The wind was brisk, and gusting, but often for the first 10 miles, we had trees along the road to give us some protection.  When we would hit an open space, you would hang on to the bike, never quite sure where the wind would come from, though always at your face.

At mile 18, we stopped to rest our hands and shoulders and take a nature break, at this gas station… loved the sign.

What a combination!

What a combination!

We were to take a ferry across the Cape Fear River, but were not sure if the ferry would run due to high seas.  Our sag drive Nancy B. encouraged us to aim for the 11:30 am ferry from Southport, as there was talk of suspending service around noon.  No dawdling in the cute town of Southport… we easily made the ferry.

Once across the Cape Fear River, Kathy Q. and I decided to go to the North Carolina Aquarium, on our way to Carolina Beach – a great detour.  The emphasis is on fish and reptiles found in North Carolina.

Fort Fisher was vital in the Civil War, guarding the last port open to the Confederates until its defeat in 1865.

Kathy Q. and I stopped for lunch in Kure Beach, joined by Lesley from Australia, who is also a dawdler. Only 4 miles remained to the hotel, and Kathy Q. and I explored Carolina Beach a bit before checking into the hotel.

I couldn’t be happier that I chose to ride – conditions weren’t great, but I never felt in danger.  The weather was “balmy”, no need for chicken soup to warm me up.  The rain showers were relatively short, and the wind dried us quickly – no chills.  We even saw intermittent sun and blue skies!

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