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Rest Day in Tournai: October 1

While there was a riding loop today, Don and I did not consider it: threat of intermittent rain and my delightful head cold.

We listened to the ride briefing then headed to the Museum of Folklore, filled with all manner of artifacts of times gone by.  No English translations, but my French seems to get us the general information.  Somewhere in the coming and going to the museum I lost a lens in my glasses – looks like I’ll be using sunglasses whenever I am not wearing my contact lenses.

That hour-long visit took my strength away so we went back to the hotel to rest.  We then walked to a large bike store we had passed as we entered the town and Don bought some warmer gloves, as there is the threat of rain for tomorrow.

We discovered that kitchens close at 3 pm, so our lunch consisted of waffles, his with fruit, mine with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce – we actually shared.  This was enough to give us strength for a walking tour of the town, though we bailed before the tour ended.

Basically, I have been in bed since 5:30 pm, Sleeping some – and dear Don brought me minestrone soup and pasta for dinner.  Hoping that medication and sleep will be the cure.