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Fun Family time – March 16 – March 30, 2015

For two weeks, we enjoyed lots of family, and a bit less cycling.  Many photos below with a quick overview chronology:

3/16:  Took the day off from cycling after 14 consecutive days on a bike, also preparing for arrival  of Parm/Henry and Terry Morse, my brother and his wife.

3/17: Tandem 25.95 miles; Don played golf with Parm.  Long walk into Lake Sumter Landing with sister-in-law Terry.

3/18: Tandem 35.15 miles; more golf for Don and Parm.

3/19: Tandem 24.30 miles.  We drove to Orlando/Disney to see Cirque du Soleil, la Nouba.

3/20: Rode with Brenda and Helen from CCST13, 40.24 miles on my single bike.

3/21: More cycling with Brenda and Helen 49.73 on single; Don and Parm golf; Tim, Molly, Ana and Yoseph arrive from Indianapolis (the grandkids are staying with us, the parents at a nearby hotel).

3/22:  Single 24.93 miles; brunch with Charlie & Diane Zaharako (MTR 2004); Tim and family to Disney World.

3/23:  It actually rained during the morning, but cleared for an afternoon swim.

3/24: Tandem 31 miles; Don and Tim golf.

3/25: My birthday!  Parm & Terry depart, returning to Oregon; Sarah, Matt and Mason arrive late in the evening in Orlando (Three grandkids overnight).

3/26: Family swim.  Tim, Molly, Ana, and Yoseph head back to Indiana.

3/27:  Pre-season baseball at ESPN Park: Red Sox vs. Braves (Red Sox lose).  We depart in 4th inning just before heavy rain downpour.

3/28: Tandem 30.19 miles; mini-golf with Sarah, Matt and Mason.

3/29:  Movie “Cinderella” with Sarah, Matt, and Mason

.3/30:  Sarah and family depart for Virginia; dinner with Villages friends at Cannarellas.

Delightful dinner with Cannarellas, Duncans and Jordans.

Delightful dinner with Cannarellas, Duncans and Jordans.

(I’m exhausted just typing all of these activities!)