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2015 Atlantic Coast

2015 Intro

  • May 6, 2015
    The first 5 miles leaving the hotel this morning.  You might think that the traffic would be light at 7 am, but not the case leaving Moncks Corner – not sure where everyone was going, but they were moving fast. Once clear of the early morning traffic, we were on roads in the Frances Marion National ... Continue reading →
  • May 8, 2015
    For dessert Wednesday night, our CCST13 friend ordered cakes for our Atlantic Coast group – yummy!   The tropical storm that has been threatening arrived in South Carolina today – and we started riding in the rain – not a torrential downpour, but a continuous rain.  Gail, Marilyn and I stopped at the local Wal-Mart for allergy ... Continue reading →
  • May 8, 2015
    I decided today would be different – I would ride more alone, knowing that headwinds were in the forecast (10-20+ mph) and I could just go my speed.  Distance was “only” 50 miles, and I had all day.  Rain was in the forecast for the afternoon, but, after yesterday, I was prepared…. Note that there are ... Continue reading →
  • May 9, 2015
    Just a quick post tonight to tell all that I “weathered” the ride today:  intermittent rain, wind gusts up to 30 mph, a ferry ride across the Cape Fear River – actually a fun day (only 13 of us rode, others took the van).  The cue sheet read 37.7 miles, but with the ferry distance ... Continue reading →
  • May 9, 2015
    To listen to the weathermen today, we were risking life and limb if we ventured out of doors.  But it was a short mileage day, and I didn’t hesitate to decide to ride. Our group was Gail and Marilyn B. from CCST13, joined by Kathy Q. from Dallas (her regular riding partners were riding in ... Continue reading →
  • May 11, 2015
    The question was not whether I would ride, it was how much the weather would affect my ride.  Tropical Storm Ana continues to linger over North Carolina, and with it rain and strong gusty winds.  One of the weather forecasters predicted rain would begin around 9 am – and almost like clockwork it did – ... Continue reading →
  • May 11, 2015
    I was determined to really rest today – no saddle time, so I was glad to find out about Island Taxi.  Janet, the main driver today, is likely making a fortune shuttling us around the island and into town.  I slept in, wrote thank you notes, organized my suitcases and just relaxed.  Around 10 am, ... Continue reading →
  • May 12, 2015
    Our longest day: 97 miles.  The direct route is closer to 65 miles, but for cyclists, we needed to avoid Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune, thus the longer miles. Gail and I left Tiffany’s at 7 am and enjoyed 20 miles of a tailwind (reportedly 15 mph).  Our average was 15.8 mph!  Then we started the circuitous ... Continue reading →
  • May 13, 2015
    Tonight our internet connection is very slow, so I will wait another night to post pictures, of downtown New Bern, and of today’s ride. After 100 miles yesterday, my body was not eager to ride 70+ miles today.  And the tailwind of yesterday was now a headwind, coming from the northeast as we headed north.  My ... Continue reading →
  • May 14, 2015
    After a good night’s sleep last night, I was willing to accept the 10+ mph headwinds we faced most of the day.  I have observed that when there is a crosswind, the trees are helpful with buffering the winds.  But with a headwind, the trees seem to funnel the wind into your face. Our route today ... Continue reading →
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