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Oregon to Washington

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The boat docking was delayed this morning due to overnight traffic through the locks.  We finally docked at Umatilla, OR around 8 am and quickly loaded onto buses toward Pendleton, OR.  We were actually let out at the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute where the trucks also distributed our bikes.  The museum had displays about the history of the Indian tribes of the area and how they were affected by white immigrants and later treaties.

We then cycled 9 miles into the actual town of Pendleton and enjoyed the Underground tour highlighting the town’s history.  Lunch was in the Saloon at Hamley’s, before we again boarded buses to bypass some “yucky roads.”  We were driven to a remote crossroads near wheat fields and dirt roads, the buses were unloaded, the bikes were unloaded, and off we rode, mostly downhill for some hot, dry 20 miles back down to the Columbia River.  While many teams opted to quit there, we continued on for another 10 miles along the river, crossing out of Oregon into Washington, before loading the tandem onto a truck and ourselves onto a bus.

The boat had moved upriver to Sacajawea State Park at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  Once everyone had boarded, the boat continued up the Snake River through 4 locks overnight, docking at Nisqually John Landing.

This blog post delayed due to non-existent internet connection in the remote areas upriver.  I’ll write a final day summary and add some photos, now that I am back in the land of internet.

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