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  1. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment. It’s been fun to follow along on all of your updates. Go rest. I finally got out for my first ride of the season last weekend when temperatures finally got into the 60s.

  2. Way to go! We’ll miss reading your blog.

  3. Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on an amazing accomplishment. You should be extremely proud of yourself. Now, stay off your but for a while.

  4. Congrats, Dolly! Terrific achievement.

  5. Congradulations, now get back on that bike and ride to Indiana. Way to go, know your feeling fantastic.

  6. Wonderful!! Congratulations. I’m eager to hear how you feel about finishing – glad to be done or want to keep riding??

  7. CONGRATULATIONS DOL;LY. I knew you could do it! I, and all who know you, are proud of your accomplishment. Your blog and pictures were great.
    Joe K

  8. Congratulations!!

  9. Great picture! Great accomplishment! Striders will be eager for your return and stories, stories, stories!

  10. Great ride, great blog, great job. You are awesome!

  11. Great job Dolly. All the posts have been wonderful to read. When is the book publishing date going to be.

  12. Congratulations!!! It seems like just a week ago you were dipping that bike in the Pacific here in San Diego. What an amazing adventure as well as accomplishment. The sense of adventure was so fun to be a part of through the blog and your pictures. Thank you for sharing it with so many of us who will never ride those miles or see those places. Safe trip home. Hugs to you and your family.

  13. It has been real fun to read your blogs and share in the adventure with you. Bless you, Dolly, for raising funds a great cause and inspiring all of us to take on a new challenge. WELL DONE!

  14. Dolly,
    Well done!! What an inspiration for all of us. I promise to ride with greater resolve this year. Your posts were wonderful, and Teresa and I felt we were following in the Sag Wagon. Can’t wait to see you and learn more great stories.
    Kind Regards,

  15. Congratulations!! You made it! I have enjoyed reading about all of your adventures. Can’t wait to see you when you get back to Indy!

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