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The Wind


When I first started “regular” riding in the early 1990’s, I sometimes rode with Terry, a very strong rider, who had tried RAAM (Race Across America). He always said “the wind is your friend.” I have never been totally convinced, unless I am enjoying the joyous push of a tailwind.

When we start riding here in Florida at 8:30 am, the breeze is frequently quite still. It picks up through the morning as we head home. By the time I am out riding on my single in the afternoon, the wind is over 10 mph. The route is circular, so I have partial headwind, partial tailwind. If I am lucky, the headwind is early, when I am supposedly fresh, then the tailwind pushes me home.

One of my biggest fears on the cross country, is the headwind, especially if it is a cold wind. I have found that wind so discouraging. Going cross country, if you encounter a headwind, you aren’t likely to later find a tailwind to blow you home.

Working with the warm Florida headwind is a good training exercise for me. And I’ll take the sunshine any day. Maybe by the end of my cross country, I’ll be able to say “the wind is my friend” from any direction.


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