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September 16, Gouda

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We have discovered that the Dutch pronounce Gouda ‘How-duh’ – and have tried to say it correctly today.

We got a late start this morning, after 10 am.  Even the courier was waiting for our bags.

The first miles were heading out of Leiden, with a bit of wandering to look at suburban housing. Many of the roads were brick, not as rough as cobblestone, but wear on the hands.  Passed over the main highway with noise baffles, even below an aqueduct – the best plan for Rethink 65/70 (for readers in Indianapolis).

Again we rode along canals and green fields, seeing more swans and white-beaked birds in the water than before. By afternoon, we saw lots of leisure cyclists of all ages and sizes – even saw a woman with a baby in a front pack and a toddler behind in a seat.

Near the town of Boskoop, we came upon numerous nurseries.  When we stopped for lunch in Bodegraven, it was recommended we visit a nearby fortress, off our route.  We discovered that the grounds had been taken over by the Citroen Club of the Netherlands – fun wandering among the cars.

Don, the excellent map reader, got us back on course, traversing a lake to get to Gouda.  Wandering toward the hotel, we stopped at the Cheese Museum for an interesting tour, also a view of the Town Hall built in 1450.

Tonight we are at Best Western Gouda. After showers, we walked back into the center of town for dinner, enjoying the sun glow on City Hall.

Total of 32.45 miles, avg. speed 10.3 mph; Garmin reads 1578 ascent, 1558 descent.

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  1. Amazing photos! What is that sign cautioning against on the aqueduct? Looks like a chess piece? You’ll have to explain the baffles to me (or I’ll google it!). It all looks like a postcard—so lovely. Even the roadblock 🙂

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