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Rest day in Freeport: June 8


No bike riding today – and sadly no massage.  I hope the rest day means my climbing legs will cooperate better the next 3 days?!

Leisurely breakfast after 8 am, wrote some notes, cleaned my bike, then headed out to explore the shops around 11 am.  No real agenda, and no schedule until evening.

The hotel has afternoon tea – quite a spread – and I caught up with the day’s activities of several of the other riders.  Then it was off to dinner at Linda Evan’s Maine Kitchen with Dick & Margery Sholes – I haven’t seen them for 35 years (are we really that old?!).  Dick used to work with Don at Irving Trust and he also played rugby with Don.  They have lived in Maine for 2 years after 15+ years in Vermont.  Great to see them again!

Guess I came to Maine to catch up with old friends, as well as pedal the miles!!


  1. Dolly, I wish you the very best as you come to the conclusion of this amazing journey! Ginger (Don is currently being waterfront director at a cub day camp.)

  2. So happy you’re enjoying these last few days! I didn’t know that about Maine’s population being smaller than Indy’s–wow! We are anxious to have you home, Ana whined last night, “I miss Gammy! When is she coming home?!” Don assured her it would be very soon. 🙂

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