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Rest Day Wanderings – May 4


Our Rest Day is in Point South with little resources in the area:  Wendy’s Subway, McDonald’s, a knife outlet.  After sleeping in – all the way until 7 a.m. – and having breakfast at Denny’s (associated with the hotel), a group of us wandered to the Frampton Plantation, the Low Country Visitor’s Center nearby.

While the Plantation turned out to mostly be a gift shop and pamphlet outlet, I did run into Sue Decker’s daughter from Northminster – small world!  She is touring in Savannah and Charleston with friends.

Net I wrote thank you cards, did laundry, wrote emails, cleaned and worked on my bike, lounged with cycling friends – but I was BORED!

So I decided to go for a ride, first to Carolina Cider Company, less than a mile down the road, then on to Old Sheldon Church Ruins.  The lighting in the photos isn’t great, due to cloudy skies, but these were grand ruins.

Ended up with 16.92 bonus miles today.

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