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Rest day in Phoenixville: May 26


When I checked into the hotel yesterday afternoon, I discovered that I had a single room, due to the absence of my scheduled roommate.  As much as I have enjoyed all of the other tour participants, a single room was a special treat.  I stayed up later than usual, unafraid of disturbing my roommate; I read a chapter in my book and updated several blog postings. And I slept in a bit this morning, past 7 am.

There is a Bob Evans next door, and I headed there for breakfast, and several other cyclists joined me for a leisurely served meal of choice.  I had made arrangements for a taxi to take a group of us to Valley Forge for a few hours of touring.  Mo, the driver, showed up in a black suburban and was a delightful chauffeur.

Our chauffeur Mo.

Our chauffeur Mo.

The six of us (Kathy Q., Ann M., Nancy I., Marilyn B., Susan G. and I) attended the 20-minute film which gave a good explanation of the winter encampment of 1777-78 at Valley Forge – no battles were fought here, but when the spring of 1778 arrived, the soldiers trained and bonded and became more of a unit.  Though the Revolutionary War lasted another 3 years, historians feel that the months at Valley Forge were a turning point for the Continental Army.

After touring the museum, we wandered outside to view other parts of the Park, a mini-hike.

Mo picked us up and drove us further into the Park, to Washington’s Headquarters.  Washington purchased an existing farmhouse to serve as his headquarters while he was serving as General of the Continental Army.

After our outing to Valley Forge, we ate lunch at Bob Evans, then spent a leisurely afternoon:  laundry, reading, snoozing – others were more diligent with bike cleaning.

Susan R. and Patricia M. are busy cleaning their bikes.

Susan R. and Patricia M. are busy cleaning their bikes.

Tonight we were joined by Leilani S. and Jan P. from CCST13, who will ride with us the next 3 days, carrying their own gear.  We had a delightful reunion dinner at Pizzeria Uno across the street from the hotel.

CCST13 reunion dinner.

CCST13 reunion dinner.

No riding today.  Current summary:  1920.08 miles from Fort Lauderdale; 2148.56 miles from Key West.

14 more riding days to Bar Harbor.

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