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New Hope to Easton, PA: May 28

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After riding across the Delaware River yesterday into New Jersey, I spent most of today’s ride in New Jersey.  Our route took us back across the river  to Lambertville, a quaint artsy town.  Of course, we didn’t linger, but continued on SR 29, which parallels the Delaware River and the Delaware & Raritan Canal path (glad to have pavement instead of packed dirt, especially after last night’s rain).

We stopped for a break in Frenchtown at Early Bird Espresso & Mercantile, and met Beth, John, baby Grace and friendly dog Juno.  Beth was most excited about WomanTours and maybe planning a ride with her mother and sister in 2016.  John told us about the the scenery around Milford, rock walls on our  right, railroad tracks and the river on our left.

The countryside was pastoral, though we noticed the pipeline signs; obviously those along the river do not favor any pipeline.

In Phillipsburg, NJ, we stopped for a soda, before crossing back to Pennsylvania.  The train goes right through the town.  And, due to the grated bridge, we walked across.

Our first stop was at Genesis Bike Shop where we met President Tomias, who provided me with some helpful information for the CIBA Foundation.  He directed us to Sette Luna for lunch, yummy paninis.   Then I wandered to the ice cream shop and to the Crayola Experience.

Because we entered another state, New Jersey, it was margarita night.

Mileage: 40.2 miles today.

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