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Moncks Corner to Georgetown: May 6

The first 5 miles leaving the hotel this morning.  You might think that the traffic would be light at 7 am, but not the case leaving Moncks Corner – not sure where everyone was going, but they were moving fast.

Once clear of the early morning traffic, we were on roads in the Frances Marion National Forest.  They had recently done a controlled burn of the underbrush and the smell of smoke was still faintly evident.

I didn’t take photos on the ride today, trying to focus on pedaling and getting into Georgetown, a harbor town.  After 80 miles yesterday, I was tired today and the road surfaces were bothering my hands, my neck, and my backside.  These photos were taken by Marilyn – I rode with her and Gail all day.

Our last turn into Georgetown revealed an unexpected bridge – we should have known as the town is an historic seaport.  On one side is a large International Paper Plant (explains all of the lumber trucks we have been seeing), the other side a steel mill, then the harbor area.  Then I began taking photos.

Allergies are draining me, looking forward to a shorter day tomorrow into Conway – early bedtime tonight.

Cue sheet showed 68.6 miles today, with sightseeing I would guess at least 70 for the day.


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