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Conway, SC to Shallotte, NC: May 8

I decided today would be different – I would ride more alone, knowing that headwinds were in the forecast (10-20+ mph) and I could just go my speed.  Distance was “only” 50 miles, and I had all day.  Rain was in the forecast for the afternoon, but, after yesterday, I was prepared….

Note that there are blue skies with these headwinds…  At mile 34, we crossed into North Carolina.  We haven’t been impressed by the road surfaces in South Carolina, though I must say, for the most part, the drivers were respectful of us and shared the road, as we are not able to ride the rumble strips and, most often, there is no shoulder.

Nice to have a state line sign, unlike South Carolina.

Nice to have a state line sign, unlike South Carolina.

The first North Carolina town was Calabash, and I decided to Dolly-dawdle, as it was only 15 miles into our overnight hotel.  Calabash is a seaport town, and I followed the signs to the historic area and down to the harbor front.  It was lunch time and fresh locally caught fish, in particular shrimp, sounded good. I met Bob, fisherman and cook at the Waterfront Snack Shop.  When it started to rain, he moved a patio table inside and I had a “private dining room.”  He couldn’t guarantee that the shrimp had been caught that morning, but it was definitely local.

Along Shoreline Drive between Calabash and Seaside, I noticed this very long boardwalk/dock, down to the Calabash River – and the alligator waiting for a golf-ball snack (note the continuing wind from the direction we are headed).

The rain began about 5 miles from the hotel, but I was prepared with my shower-cap helmet cover and the covers for my front and rear packs – the wind did give it a bit of a chill, but a nice hot shower and all is well.  This is a first, to finish my post before 5 pm!!  We will see what Sub-tropical Storm Ana brings tomorrow.

55.6 miles today; 993.09 miles since Fort Lauderdale, 1221.58 miles from Key West!


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