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Alexandria, VA to Owings Mills, MD: May 22

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This will be a quick post to reassure everyone that I am still alive and pedaling.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can fully update the blog.

Today was a long, hard, but fun day.  We left Alexandria and followed the Mount Vernon Trail past Reagan National Airport into the city and around the Lincoln Monument.  About 12 of us ended up together, somewhat lost, and had to traverse grass and numerous busy access roads to get to the trail along the Potomac.  We cycled next to Georgetown, then on to the Capital Crescent Trail, entering Maryland, and transitioning to the Rock Creek Trail.  The Mount Vernon and Capital Crescent Trails were quite busy with many cyclists heading to work with panniers or back packs.  No one called out the passes, so it was at times stressful.

The Rock Creek Trail is a beautiful trail through woods, along the creek, winding up and down.  There are lots of tree roots causing bumps in the trail, so you don’t make especially good time on these type of trails.  It was after noon before we exited the trails, only half way through the 75-mile day, and facing a lot of hills.

I rode with Susan R. and Janet B. for the hilly segments and we just kept going, a slow and steady pace.  One climb was over a mile long 6-8 % grade, and several pop-up hills over 12%!  I only walked two short segments.  We didn’t get in to the hotel in Owings Mills (suburb of Baltimore) until almost 6 pm.

So, you can imagine that I am exhausted, but with a great sense of accomplishment!  After a good night’s rest, I’ll be ready to face the challenges ahead!

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  1. Love your determination!

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