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Water, Water Everywhere – Jupiter to Vero Beach – April 23


After 2 days of riding, the beach communities, condos, and stately mansions already seem to be blending together – or maybe it is just fatigue from the miles and the heat.  I rode off and on today with Nancy I., Nancy H., and Judi.

Within 2 miles of our hotel this morning, we crossed the first of many bridges; most times, we walk the grating on the drawbridges, just in case it is wet and slippery.  We were cycling on Jupiter Island, with the Atlantic on one side and the Hobe Sound to the west. Along this route were many oversized mansions with numerous lawn service trucks.

Then it was back on the “mainland” and 8 miles on the Dixie Hwy before heading across the St Lucie River and the Indian River to Hutchinson Island. The route on Hutchinson Island was over 20 miles of reduced traffic (and some rain) before crossing back over the Indian River, back on the Dixie Hwy and re-crossing the Indian River to North Hutchinson Island.  At the recommendation of friends Ray and Linda, Nancy I. and I stopped at the National Navy Seal Museum and learned about the history of the frogmen and the creation of the SEALs team, beginning in 1962.  A1A, which we have ridden most of the day, has now brought us to Vero Beach, and a comfortable Holiday Inn right on the beach.

64.96 miles today, 128.08 miles from Fort Lauderdale, 356.57  from Key West.


  1. I see you are enticing a few others to join your Dollygagging. If I was there you would have one more. No one does these tours like you do!

  2. You’re closing in on the end. That, together with that Bubba’s 2015 “Coasters” are just 3 riding days from St. Augustine, leave me with a very envious, bittersweet feeling, wishing I could do it all again! Enjoyed reading about your ride, and keep enjoying!

    (After I finished typing this comment, above, I was required to type my name and email address, then the system gave me a web address as “,” which I couldn’t delete, and which I’ve never even heard of. So I don’t really know if there’s anything in there or not!).

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