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Fun Family time – March 16 – March 30, 2015


For two weeks, we enjoyed lots of family, and a bit less cycling.  Many photos below with a quick overview chronology:

3/16:  Took the day off from cycling after 14 consecutive days on a bike, also preparing for arrival  of Parm/Henry and Terry Morse, my brother and his wife.

3/17: Tandem 25.95 miles; Don played golf with Parm.  Long walk into Lake Sumter Landing with sister-in-law Terry.

3/18: Tandem 35.15 miles; more golf for Don and Parm.

3/19: Tandem 24.30 miles.  We drove to Orlando/Disney to see Cirque du Soleil, la Nouba.

3/20: Rode with Brenda and Helen from CCST13, 40.24 miles on my single bike.

3/21: More cycling with Brenda and Helen 49.73 on single; Don and Parm golf; Tim, Molly, Ana and Yoseph arrive from Indianapolis (the grandkids are staying with us, the parents at a nearby hotel).

3/22:  Single 24.93 miles; brunch with Charlie & Diane Zaharako (MTR 2004); Tim and family to Disney World.

3/23:  It actually rained during the morning, but cleared for an afternoon swim.

3/24: Tandem 31 miles; Don and Tim golf.

3/25: My birthday!  Parm & Terry depart, returning to Oregon; Sarah, Matt and Mason arrive late in the evening in Orlando (Three grandkids overnight).

3/26: Family swim.  Tim, Molly, Ana, and Yoseph head back to Indiana.

3/27:  Pre-season baseball at ESPN Park: Red Sox vs. Braves (Red Sox lose).  We depart in 4th inning just before heavy rain downpour.

3/28: Tandem 30.19 miles; mini-golf with Sarah, Matt and Mason.

3/29:  Movie “Cinderella” with Sarah, Matt, and Mason

.3/30:  Sarah and family depart for Virginia; dinner with Villages friends at Cannarellas.

Delightful dinner with Cannarellas, Duncans and Jordans.

Delightful dinner with Cannarellas, Duncans and Jordans.

(I’m exhausted just typing all of these activities!)


  1. Dolly, sends like things are going well. We will miss your smiling face on Easter at NPC.

    • I attended Maundy Thursday services at large local Presbyterian Church – made me miss and appreciate NPC all the more. They definitely needed Usher/HOST help and dismissal for communion by intinction!

  2. How delightful (& nice for me to read but a gift to yourself (if you’re at all like me) so you’ll remember so much more as time passes:-)

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