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Step One


To get to France, we chose to fly out of Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia.  We drive to Fairfax, VA, to stay with Ralph and Karen, Don’s brother and sister-in-law.  And we get to see our daughter Sarah, husband Matt, and grandson Mason. While we are in France, our car will “rest” in Fairfax.

The drive  generally takes us 10 hours, but beginning in West Virginia, we had rain and lightening, and thus slower speeds.  We also decided to stop for a nice dinner in Leesburg, VA, at the Tuscarora Mill restaurant – great food!! Total drive/stops time about 13 hours.

The Donald Crafts don’t know how to travel light.  Don and I each have a suitcase, plus a duffel carrying our biking clothes.  Hopefully the car we have rented in France will accommodate the bike and our luggage!

imageOur van is full of the bike bag and all the suitcases.

imageA reason to travel via D.C.





  1. Wow! I am really looking forward following your trip. Bonne Route!

  2. I hope you have a most wonderful time. I’ll be reading every single post.

  3. Bon voyage!! How fun to be able to follow your trip. We will enjoy a trip through France vicariously and not spend a dime!! Thanks:) also, I hope you ordered a van or some large car for the suitcases and bike. European cars don’t have much room in the “boot!”

  4. Dolly, where does Don’s brother live? The sister of whom i often speak lives in Clifton just off Union Mill. Who knows maybe we’ll see each other there someday. Barb k

    • My sister-in-law says it is only 5 miles away. Don’s brother lives very close to George Mason University. If ever you are visiting your sister, you should let Leilani and me know. Leilani tries to bid for DC trips when I am coming to visit.

  5. Dolly, we were in France last year to see the Tour de France. In Normandy, If you happen to stop in Bayeux, we’d recommend the lovely B&B Le Petit Matin. Bayeux is a beautiful town. The WW II Museum there is probably the best one of the lot. You can take the train direct from Paris. Will look forward to following your adventures! Judy

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