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Around Paris


After a wonderful night’s sleep, we were ready to explore Paris. Our first destination was the Musee des Arts et Metiers, “a store of new and useful inventions”.  On the way we stopped in the Mairie de Paris, the borough offices for the 10th arrondissement.  Certainly more personality than our township offices.  We are seeing several displays commemorating the beginning of World War I.

In front of the Museum is a model of the Statue of Liberty, created by a Frenchman, and given as a gift to the US by France.  The displays inside are divided into Scientic Instruments, Materials, Construction, Communications, Energy, Mechanics, and Transport.   Lots of photos.  Of course, we especially like the display of bicycles.  Instead of the planned hour, we spent over two hours in the museum.

Wandered through Notre Dame des Blanc-Manteaux and heard organ music as we sat briefly to rest.  Enjoyed lunch at Cafe Leonard, no other English speakers around. (I am trying out my French but have found most Parisians want to speak English – no French rudeness visible.)

We took the subway to Montparnasse area, then the funicular up to the church Basilica Sacre Coeur.  View was quite hazy, so no panorama shots.  Then another subway back to the apartment for a rest, after wandering 7 hours!

When the after-work traffic calmed down, we rented bikes via Velib’, the Paris Bike Share system.  There are separated bike paths, signed bike paths, bikes in bus lanes – we wandered in all, and some heavy traffic as well.

Don was able to find his way back to Berthillon, the famous ice cream shop.  We reached Notre Dame just after sunset, continued on past Musee d’Orsay, to the Eiffel Tower.  After 2 hours, we parked the bikes and took another subway “home”, a full and fulfilling day.



(Some photos are missing, taken on the camera, and not available for upload.)




  1. Your day sounds exhausting but fantastic.
    Birgit’s Mom died yesterday so I will fly to Paris tomorrow night and stay alone for a few days. I hope they will be able to join me by Wednesday or Thursday.
    Have a safe trip.

    • Sorry about Birgit’s mother. We drove out of Paris today, now at a B & B in an old barn on an apple orchard. Met up briefly with tandem group, riding tomorrow including a tasting at a farm that makes Neufchâtel cheese. Doubt we will be near Paris 9/22 or 9/23, heading to Atlantic coast after tandem ride in Loire. I recommend the Musee des Artes et Metiers – very interesting! Enjoy!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Dolly-gagging day – busy but so much FUN.

  3. By coincidence, we have just spent a week in Berlin (fascinating to be staying in former East Berlin) and are now in Dresden. One more day then on to Prague for three days before heading home. Your day in Paris sounded like most days that I have had for the past week, except for the biking. Lots of walking and photography (about 1,000 photos so far). I’ve used my OXY German a little, but most speak English. I loved the Musee d’Orsay.

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