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Rest Day Joys

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April 5: Kerrville, TX

*Having Tim with me for 3+ days
*Breakfast at McDonald’s (just a change of pace)
*Haircut by Emily at Awesome Cut and Color
*Tim doing my laundry while I was getting my hair cut
*Leisurely drive to Fredericksburg, then casual stroll on Main Street
*Learning Admiral Nimitz of WW II Pacific War fame was from Fredericksburg (we didn’t have time to go to the Museum of the Pacific War))



*Meeting Clinton Stork, 90 year old volunteer at the Vereins Kirche Museum in Fredericksburg



*Did I mention spending time with son Tim?

*Massage by Chelsea
*Chiropractic treatments by Dr. Kris and Kim
*Shopping for cowboy boots with Moira (for her, not me)
*Dinner with Tim at Buzzie’s BBQ


It couldn’t get much better than this!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!!!

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