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Lazy Rest Day


April 10: Navasota, TX

I made up a To Do list for today’s rest day – and accomplished everything.

Thank you notes to LLS donors
Visit to local knit shop (no purchases)
Quick shop at Wal-Mart
Complete blog of tour group members

Also enjoyed a nice dinner with 18 from the group, plus Keith Cadwallader from England (he is riding self-contained; we first met him in Blythe, CA, haven’t seen him since New Mexico, and he caught up to us today).

Then a one hour massage – I plan to sleep well. Good night!

P.S. The temperature was near 70 degrees when I awoke around 7 am. By mid-morning, it had started to rain and the temperature quickly plummeted by 25 degrees. Rain stopped mid- afternoon, but still chilly – a perfect day to be lazy.


  1. Happy Dreams, Dolly! I met Bob on a hike @ Holliday Park, yesterday. He had on a 2005 Hilly Hundred cap & said he was the 2nd oldest rider last year (by 5 months).

  2. I am so excited. Jacque and Hubby Carl – you had dinner with them a couple of nights age – will be in Albuquerque tomorrow night. We will have dinner. Can’t wait to hear their story about your ride!!! I am so addicted to your blogs that my email is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing in the evening. All of my friends know about you and are very excited. You are to be commended for your efforts!

    Love you

  3. Bet you really enjoyed those massages! Can’t figure how you remember so much detail to tell us about……its really great tho. Do you take notes along the way? Can’t imagine you being able to…

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