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Florida Panhandle


April 24: Pensacola to Crestview, FL

It was not too difficult to bike out of Pensacola this morning – most of the traffic was headed into town. And we enjoyed the tree-lined residential streets.


At mile 9.5, we turned onto US 90, the Scenic Highway, and continued until mile 27.5. It had a nice shoulder, so we were not bothered by the traffic. We did stop at mile 10, when our route intercepted I-10, to photograph the bridge over Escambia Bay.


US 90 also crossed the Escambia River, but a much shorter, less dramatic bridge.


Also along US 90, we passed this mansion and related buildings and were told it was a private residence.



Carol rode to the first sag, and seemed to enjoy stretching her legs.


After a pleasant stop at Truly Spokin’, the bike shop in Milton, we turned onto the Blackwater Heritage State Trail. It has been many miles since we rode a dedicated bike trail. There was little other traffic, cyclists or walkers.



When we turned off the trail, we were in a more remote area, with few houses. Two of our riders each ended up alone in these 20 miles and said they felt a bit vulnerable.

Donna, Jo and I were more than ready for lunch at mile 52, but the recommended Uncle Billy’s was closed. Luckily a family pizza restaurant had opened in Holt, and we were able to enjoy lunch, and get revitalized.


Our full stomachs made the hills in the final 17 miles a bit more difficult, but we managed. The great excitement was finding a Starbuck’s quite close to the hotel here in Crestview. It started to sprinkle just as we arrived at the hotel; some rain at dinner time, but two rainbows just as we started map meeting.



Our last 90+ mile day is tomorrow, so it is off to bed.

69 miles today; average 11.7 mph.


  1. Glad your in Florida!

  2. not 1, but 2 rainbows, Dolly! What a gift!!

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