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Dinner Date


April 7: Blanco to Bastrop, TX

Arrived at hotel at 5:50 pm for 6 pm dinner with Jacque and Carl Ward. Jacque and I went to Radford School for Girls in El Paso, TX, graduating in 1965 (we have seen each other since).
Delightful, relaxing dinner at Bastrop Brewhouse on the Colorado River.

Tomorrow is a short riding day, so I promise to catch up on my blogs.

Total 90 miles today; average 11.6 mph.


  1. Dolly, you are amazing. I cant believe you got off your bike, checked in, showered and you & Tim were cheerfully ready to go again (in the truck). Wonderful, wonderful visit, but way to short.

  2. Dolly and Jacque – I am jealous! Love Merideth

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