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Cajun Boudin


April 18: Hammond to Bogalusa, LA

After our long day yesterday, our route was only 55 miles today. With tired legs, it seemed plenty long. We were blessed with overcast skies, rather than blazing sun to add to the humidity.

Snack table wasn’t until 8 am, so it seemed like a leisurely morning. Our first sag was at 20 miles, opposite the Global Wildlife Center. I was very tempted to hide my bike at the entrance, hitch a ride into the facility, and become a chaperone to some grade school children. With storm clouds swirling and finding that the ‘tours’ take 2-3 hours, common sense prevailed.



Donna and I stopped in Folsom to buy Gatorade; others found a new bakery.

The route was tree-lined for the most part, again no sign of crops, a few cows, horses, and goats.


Our lunch stop was in Sun, where I decided to try hot boudin, rice and chopped crayfish with spices in a sausage casing – not bad. (The grilled ham & cheese was just in case I didn’t like the boudin.)





These nestled cows seem to know there is a storm in the forecast tonight.


We arrived in Bogalusa about 2 pm, so I decided to explore, hoping to find ice cream.


I found Scoop Daddy’s, owned by Tommy. He had a picture with Sylvester Stallone. Tommy used to make Easy Rider motorcycles, which won awards at motorcycle shows. He took the motorcycle pictured to a show in New Orleans, where he met Stallone, who purchased this Easy Rider for his movie “The Expendibles.” Other bike riders also found Scoop Daddy’s and enjoyed the ice cream.




International Paper has a large mill in Bogalusa.


Today is Carol’s birthday so we had a special celebration.


60 miles today; average 10.2 mph.

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