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I don’t like cold weather biking!


Since we returned from Florida, I have tried to maintain a regular exercise schedule:

Monday evenings, cycle fitness class for 90 minutes
Tuesday early mornings, boot camp at church (55 minutes) – aerobics and weights, plus core
Wednesday evenings, cycle fitness class
Thursday afternoon, exercise class again, more core and weights, a bit less aerobics
Saturday morning, extra session of cycle fitness, if I’m not able to get outside

Then, weather permitting, I have tried to add some outdoor riding, though I absolutely avoid the roads if there is any snow or ice. Certainly don’t want a bad fall with less than 30 days until “take off.”

In the past two weeks, I have been able to ride outside three times, under sunny skies. Luckily on January 29th, we had a warm front and the temperature was in the mid- 50s. On Wednesday, February 6th, I rode 33 miles (temperature 31, felt like 28) and today I rode 39 miles (temperature 39, felt like 33). My toes seem to be the coldest, despite wool socks and shoe covers. I found a different pair of shoe covers which I will try tomorrow, if the rain holds off until later in the afternoon.

I certainly find I am not fast in the cold, maybe because I am so bundled up, or just so much energy is being used to try to keep warm. In any case, I am hopeful we won’t have these cold temperatures on our cross country trip. Chilly in the morning is one thing, but mid-day riding in the 30s just isn’t much fun.

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