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2013 Southern Route USA

Since at least 1997, I had yearned to attempt a cross country bike ride. That summer, my friend Warren rode from LA to Boston. He called me from Winslow, AZ; I rode with him when he passed through Indiana, and I celebrated his accomplishment when he returned. But I, too, wanted to “explore” the USA. I had always loved Charles Kuralt and his tales of small towns off the interstate. What better way to see our great country?

With children, a job, and a widowed mother in failing health, the dream was put on the back burner of life for 15 years. Early in 2012, when I asked my husband if he was interested in such an adventure, he declined without hesitation. And I “discovered” WomanTours – a wonderful “girly group” that seemed to have great support (before and during the ride) and reasonable daily miles (reasonable if I train well).

So in March 2013, the dream – and adventures – began!

I turned 65 while on the ride – it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate – in El Paso, Texas, where my 100 year old mother passed away in December 2011. I think she would have been nervously excited for me.


  • January 1, 2013
    Happy New Year!  I hadn’t been paying close attention to the calendar, and the number of days until the start of my adventure.  But now it is 2013, and the countdown really begins: 31 days in January, 28 days in February, then 7 days in March until I meet up with the other cycle adventurers! ... Continue reading →
  • January 2, 2013
    When I first started “regular” riding in the early 1990’s, I sometimes rode with Terry, a very strong rider, who had tried RAAM (Race Across America). He always said “the wind is your friend.” I have never been totally convinced, unless I am enjoying the joyous push of a tailwind. When we start riding here in ... Continue reading →
  • January 19, 2013
    Late Wednesday afternoon, Don and I returned to Carmel, having driven from The Villages to Atlanta on Tuesday.  After spending the night with friends Gary and Lisa Lancaster, we got an early start Wednesday in the rain.  The temperature fell as we headed north, with the showers continuing, fog, freezing mist on the trees, and ... Continue reading →
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