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December 23


The sun was shining, though the thermometer read 35 degrees. On the main roads, the snow and ice from two days ago had melted, so I decided to head out for a ride. I definitely wanted to stay away from ice; no desire for injury as I prepare for my upcoming “adventure.” With the cold, it is always a challenge to figure out what to wear: enough to be warm in the early miles of the ride, but not too much to overheat in the middle of the ride. This “clothing dilemma” is a learning experience I need to master before my trip. Though I hope we won’t experience any freezing temperatures during the tour, I am sure there will be days that start cold, then warm up nicely. Or days that start out warm and we encounter a storm that lowers the thermometer quickly. As a good Girl Scout, I will try to “Be Prepared.”

Managed 25 miles on my excursion, which also included 2 stops for some late Christmas shopping. So much more fun and interesting than spinning in the basement in front of the TV.

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